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Bridesmaid Dresses by Colors, fabric, and Styles

Bridesmaid dresses come in all types of colors and styles. Typical bridesmaid dress comes in from 10 to 80 shades of colors, some color with exotic names such as mist or circus, others have more traditional names such as red or black. In any case, for each primary color, there are many different shades, and small differences may turn a "so-so" into "love it!"

On our web site, in the particular page for each dress, you can click on the "more info" button dress color options next to dress color to see the full sample of colors offered for the particular dress.

We have also prepared sample images in various shades of primary colors through category links below so you get an idea, but keep in mind that color appearance can be different from monitor to monitor. For best results, order fabric swatch from us to see the actual color, we will credit you when you make the actual dress purchase.

Like colors, there are also many variations of fabric materials for the bridesmaids dresses. The major ones are Satin, Chiffon, and Taffeta. Unfortunately, one really has to try and feel the different fabric to understand the differences. When you shop around for your perfect bridesmaid dress, make a point to try the different fabrics before your final decision.

As for the best style for an individual bridesmaid, it depends on the person's figure and preference. We have some basic suggestions on styles for different body types, and ideas on how to reduce the stress of finding one dress that would satisfy all bridesmaids.